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Who Are We?

We aim to illuminate a new and expansive perspective on wellness and consciousness development through microdosing psychedelics.

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"We all have two paths to walk in this life, our own,
or the one that someone else chooses for us".

 At Mind's Eye Open Microdose we encourage you to explore your own path of awakening consciousness and offer you a means and a way to do this safely, mindfully and effectively.




Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms) has been proven to enhance human experience, deepen perception and awaken parts of the brain related to higher learning and the dissolution of the personal self.



Microdosing is relatively misunderstood and under explored by western cultures. The exploration of the healing potential of psychedelics has until now been reserved only to larger recreational doses. 


Our Focus

Our interest focuses on the naturally occuring healing potential available to us through altered states of consciousness such as, trance states, psychedelics, and meditation. 

Our Mission

Steph-Anise Leader, the founder of Minds Eye Open Microdose and creator of the Transpersonal Microdose Model, believes that there is so much more to discover from the practice of microdosing than most are yet aware of.

Healing and evolution with the help of Psilocybin are not exclusively reliant on following rigid protocols or consuming large heroic doses. Sacred Mushrooms have been doing their thing with expanding human consciousness for an exceptionally long time, both in large quantities and tiny microdoses.

We aim to raise awareness of the synergistic nature of these medicines when combined with other consciousness-based therapeutic modalities and offer up a new perspective on microdosing.  We are hopeful that psychedelic-assisted wellness and consciousness development will be an integral part of our future in a way that maintains the sacredness of psychedelic and entheogenic practices whilst simultaneously exploring new and innovative frontiers. 

Our mission is to empower individuals to begin thinking for themselves beyond conditioning, healing themselves in profound ways and becoming the authority in their own life, whilst safely and confidently benefiting from nature's mind expanding medicines so that we can work together and begin to build a brighter and more expansive society.

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We know the power of combining specially designed hypnosis with your microdose practice because we've seen it! - Help us contribute to the ever-growing pool of microdose research and share your experience in our online self-report.

Key Aims

Mind's Eye Open Microdose aims to share techniques, methods, concepts and philosophies that will illuminate the individual's true capabilities of transformation.

Mind's Eye Open Microdose aims to support the advancement of human potential and the discovery of new and beneficial understandings of the human condition. 

Mind's Eye Open Microdose aims to present alternative perspectives regarding microdosing psilocybin and personal development and invite a new narrative around health and wellness.

Minds Eye Open Micirodse aims to inspire individuals to trust and love more fully and honour one's uniqueness as we step forward into a new awakened era..

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