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Psychedelic Mushrooms _ _mindseyeopen444  Steph-Anise Leader
Psychedelic Mushrooms _ _mindseyeopen444  Steph-Anise Leader
Psychedelic Mushrooms _ _mindseyeopen444  Steph-Anise Leader

Becoming Your Best Self!

Transpersonal Microdosing is an innovative and forward-thinking approach to personal development

that utilises the naturally occurring, mind-expanding benefits of psilocybin unlike any other .

It is neither about religion nor doctrine, but rather about integrating the spiritual aspect of our human experience

with modern self-development understandings.

It empowers individuals to realise the infinite potential that already flows through them and how

to access innate wisdom that stretches far beyond the walls of one's illusions.

What is Transpersonal Microdosing?

Transpersonal Microdosing doesn't focus on any specific symptom or problem; instead, it teaches methods

and skills that help us navigate the relearning of one's authentic nature via healing old hurts and mastering

one's mind. 


You will learn how to harness the mind-altering benefits of psychedelic mushrooms combined with powerful

consciousness practices designed to elevate your spirit and improve your life.

Transpersonal Microdosing is a continuous lifestyle practice that utilises the discovery and integration of higher mind

insights and self-direction through intermittent periods of microdosing psilocybin mushrooms.

It is NOT a constant microdosing 'protocol'; instead, the individual will learn, through numerous self-development methods,

which path to walk that's most beneficial for them.

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Confidently navigate your journey of awakening consciousness.

Discover a deep inner knowing of how to heal and become the best version of yourself, along with innate abilities to transform your life quickly.

Transpersonal Microdosing utilises modern therapeutic techniques and transcendental understandings that guide you in becoming the architect of your own life, one that aligns with your highest potential.

Instead of focusing on one school of thought, or even one discipline, Transpersonal Microdosing incorporates a vast array of concepts, practices, and disciplines and goes beyond theory, offering numerous tools to begin working on oneself.