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1:1 Mentorship

My mentorship programs differ from other microdose mentor approaches, contact me for further details.

 Just Imagine having the awareness and insight that will help you to rewrite your story easily.

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To gain better insight into the role of a

Transpersonal Microdose Mentor

let us first look at what they are not. 

A Transpersonal Microdose Mentor is not...

1 / Focused on allocating lables

Many medically trained doctors are focused on diagnosing and treating conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, or personality disorders. In other words, they are focused on what is 'wrong' and fixing it. Steph-Anise does not work with this model.

2 / A supporter of personality types

With many widely accepted western therapies and psychoanalysis, strict guidelines are supported to assess an individual's ability to function in society. They adhere to a very limited view of what constitutes a successful archetype in mainstream societal, familial, and developmental structures. Steph-Anise does not pigeonhole anyone.

3 / An all-knowing expert

In some types of therapy, the therapist is the 'expert', who is responsible for interpreting the symptoms and experiences shared by the client. They are the ones who frame the client's reality - they explain what they believe is happening to them. Steph-Anise does not adopt this theory.

3 / A spiritual teacher

Though Steph-Anise includes a spiritual dimension in her work, she does not consider herself a spiritual teacher. She does not push or promote specific doctrines on the client. Instead, she uses an inclusive and expansive outlook to view what her clients present to her. 

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A Transpersonal Microdose Mentor is...

1 / A supporter and adviser

Steph-Anise provides support with positive framing according to your beliefs.  She will offer guidance, perspectives, topics of conversation, and therapeutic models and introduce you to options to explore that you may not have known existed.

2 / An eternal student of life

As a Transpersonal Microdose Mentor, Steph-Anise is required to keep an open mind, be self-aware, and remain 'present' in the session to what she can learn. She does not view the mentor/client relationship as the mentor 'helping' the client, but rather a journey taken together, a journey where both parties can learn from and evolve.

3 / Your equal

Steph-Anise has 'been through a lot' and views herself as your equal. She has had the opportunity to resolve her own inner disharmony through self-therapy and is compelled to share her knowledge, skills and experience to help others grow and evolve.

3 / A confidante

Steph-Anise has been working in the therapeutic field for several years and holds her professional responsibility with high regard - she conducts herself with no judgement, and high levels of integrity and empathy. She is not obliged to report sensitive information to any other party, such as authorities, family, or loved ones.

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My name is Steph-Anise Leader

I am here for YOU! I will utilise all my experience and knowledge to help you get to the place you most want to be.

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Steph-Anise Leader author of Mushroom-Mind-Magic

What you can expect from your session.

All sessions begin with a free 20-minute discovery call. If we agree with which service best suits your needs, you have received confirmation from me, and the costs have been settled, we will set your upcoming schedule.

Each session is completely variable depending on your needs; however, some consistencies are worth noting. You will receive additional support resources, workbooks, journals, and anything else to support your change work goals with all services.


My aim is to help you begin navigating your own unique journey of microdosing sacred mushrooms so that you can confidently, safely, and effectively discover a clear path ahead with your healing and Self-development and 'know' how to achieve the results you most desire thereafter. I will offer support, training, insight and healing where necessary; however, you will come to your own revelations and understandings of how best to work with this powerful medicine. You already have the wisdom; I'm simply your guide in accessing it.

All sessions are operated remotely, either by video chat or telephone, where appropriate. Single sessions are held within one specific time slot, and the multi-hour sessions (excluding Quantum Healing Hypnosis) are scheduled over an agreed period of time. Multi-hour sessions are limited to any specific structure; they can be three days apart or one month apart; they can also consist of 30-minute sessions to 90-minute sessions up to the allocated total time amount.


Every healing and mentor session is personalised to suit your exact requirement, personality, inclinations and beliefs. We will work together to build foundations that you can rely on long after we connect.

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Get clarity and new perspectives on your experience, gain insight in