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Help us improve and grow our awareness of whats possible.

Your experience counts and is a valuable and intrinsic account that will help shape the ever-evolving narrative that surrounds microdosing psychedelics as a practice.


By signing up (confidentially) and completing our simple Self-Report you will be helping us not only improve our method but also lay the foundations for an entirely new trajectory in wellness and self-help to take root - one where microdosing psychedelics are commonplace and accessible by all.

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Contribute your experience,

and be a part of something special.

The Process

1 / Complete the Registation

Pop your details in the form below. You can use your given name or remain anonymous and give us an alias if you wish. Your details will remain confidential, we don't sell or share emails, and this form is not a subscribe form.

2 / Recieve Your Self-Report Package

Upon receipt of your registration, you will receive our Self-Report package in your email. Included in your package are:

  1. Short Introduction and instruction video

  2. 30-min general microdose hypnosis MP3

  3. Wallpaper

  4. Digital questionnaire.

3 / Email Us Back

Our Self-Reports are one-month in duration, we ask you to return your completed digital questionnaire back to us via email. 

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Self-Report Application

Please complete the form to receive your Self-Report package.

Thanks for submitting!

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