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Quantum Healing

An incredible journey of expanded consciousness where you will discover that all healing and answers lie within.

I will be your guide on this extraordinary adventure.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis is a method of regression therapy that is only accessible in the deepest realms of trance, much deeper and more expansive than the levels of trance required for clinical hypnotherapy applications.

You will be guided inwards as you retrace your soul's journey to the point of origin of whatever is stopping you from living your fullest life. Whether in the early years of this life or another life entirely, unresolved lessons, active hurts, and unfulfilled soul contracts can be healed so you experience the benefits in your current life.

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For transformation of consciousness to take place, one must first release the ego's bindings, which can only happen when we remember who we truly are in our souls.

A combined therapy

1 / Psilocybin and Hypnosis

Both are uniquely effective as stand-alone healing and therapeutic practices, however, when combined they supercharge one another efficacy and the results are more profound and instantaneous.

2 / Psilocybin shows you where to look...

Psilocybin not only opens your perception so that you can become aware of problematic or challenging aspects of your life;  it also amplifies new and beneficial thoughts and beliefs. However, it doesn't heal you. 

3 / Regression Hypnotherpy gives you the means to 'fix' it...

Regression allows the subject to travel backwards (or forward) to the original cause or causes of a limiting belief and heal, learn, and integrate valuable knowledge that eradicates the subsequent current life issues.

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Why book a session?

A beautiful dance...

Altered states of consciousness achieved through the process of hypnosis are incredibly powerful states of mind that are naturally occurring and easily accessible.

When combined with Transpersonal Microdosing and any sacred plant medicine experience, we have access to our internal motherboard. We can travel across time, reprogram our thinking minds and begin consciously creating the life experience we most desire (if it aligns with our soul's plan, anyhow).

They work beautifully together and operate symbiotically. 

  • 1. Microdosing or Macrodosing Psilocybin awakens parts of your mind previously narrowed by years of conditioning, poor mental health, and over-identification with your personal self. Your ability to perceive greater and greater truths about your reality emerges with your growing awareness.

  • 2. Quantum Healing Hypnosis then allows you to travel back, in a safe and controlled manner, through your consciousness with the new insights gained from your experience with psilocybin as your guide. A number of healing modalities can be used within your trance state to help you achieve what you are there to do.

  • 3. Continued change and evolution will be experienced when you return by listening to more clinical hypnosis recordings designed to realign residual and overlapping thought networks in lighter states of trance. These results are then amplified further by taking tiny regular amounts of psilocybin. Therefore, creating a transformation of consciousness so great you will experience the benefits in all areas of your life without needing to revisit the original problem. Leaving you free to work on what comes up next.

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My name is Steph-Anise Leader

You can learn more about me, the modalities I use to help clients manifest their dreams and desires, and how I came to do what I do.

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About Your Session

Note: I no longer offer Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions as an independent therapy; they are only made available to existing clients of my 1:1 Mentor services.

Your hypnosis session is offered remotely and requires you to have a good internet connection and the ability to position your device or telephone so that I am able to see you throughout the entire session. Also, you must ensure that you are not restricted or that you won't be disturbed at any point during the entire 4 hours. This is very important.


Often times with deep trance such as this, the client has no recollection or at least fragmented memory of what is actually said during the trance. For this reason, I record every session for the client to enjoy for themselves after we are done exclusively.

As we will have already gotten to know one another through your mentor program, the pre-hypnosis induction interview is slightly shorter in length than other Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioners require. There are some very important steps that still need to be executed before your trance work. This part can take around one to two hours in total.


The hypnosis part will always run for two hours in total so that we have adequate time to achieve the required levels of relaxation to carry out this work. I will work with your higher self, who will guide us to the most appropriate time, place, situation or occurrence that will benefit you the most. There is no guarantee that you will go to a part of life or anything other for that matter. You will experience what it is your experience because this is what you need, whether it makes conscious sense or not at the time. Your higher self knows what it's doing.

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Regression hypnosis audios.

Browse our expertly crafted and very powerful deep trance regression hypnosis and get the clarity your looking for.

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