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Microdose Practice

These specially designed cards were created during Steph-Anise's personal and microdose psychedelic mushroom practice. These cards are not 'Tarot'. They are an entirely new system of divination for the new empowered era of awakening consciousness. 

They bring awareness to situations that are current in our modern lives of self-discovery, healing, and connection.

This system of divination allows the seeker to connect more deeply to the infinite wisdom of higher consciousness and through the messages associated with each card will gain insight and guidance as to what is to be brought into ones conscious awareness.

Steph-Anise Leader, Quantum Consciousness Cards, Tarot, Divination, Oracle Cards #mindseye

Your Inner Guidance 

Perceived by some, as a little fun not to be taken too seriously and by others as a reliable soul guidance system. Both are correct. These cards focus on the betterment of one's self and can be a valuable aid when microdosing.

Every reader will decipher the messages differently from one another, and therefore act as a bridge between the subconscious and conscious realms. How you perceive the message shines a light of awareness on any blocks, limitations, and even strengths that sometimes we need reminding off.

All readings are positive, as we are subject to free will in this realm, use these cards to draw attention to aspects of yourself and your life, relationships, skills, and strengths so as to confidently walk your path back to your very best self and begin living in full abundance.

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The entire deck contains 80 beautifully illustrated cards and is made up of four 'Sets' (sets are equivalent to the arcana of the tarot).

The first three sets are numbered from 46 - 0, starting with the lower vibrational frequencies of our earthly dimension, the ‘Earth Energy Set.’ It moves through the apprentice realms of learning and self-mastery of the ‘Mastery Set’ before ascending onward to the highest vibrational awareness and unlimited possibility of the ‘Quantum Consciousness Set.

The reader's journey back to self begins at the Abyss card (46) and moves through the sets to completion at the Zero Point (0) card, this journey represents awakening in the dream, awakening to 'truth' at the lowest vibrational energy all the way through to the highest vibrational frequency of mastery and completion.

The last set consists of 33 cards and is considered the 'Clarity Set'. These are not numbered and are drawn in conjunction with the main cards when clarity is needed.


Each deck of cards comes with a guidebook of channeled and beautifully written translations of the messages contained with each card and a personal journal to aid you in your learning and divination journey with Quantum Consciousness Cards

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You never know what you may learn about yourself.