We are collectively experiencing a transformation of consciousness...


and awakening to greater truths about our reality, capabilities, and true nature.


A new perspective toward how we approach wellness and personal development is long overdue, likewise a reform

of existing microdosing psilocybin 'protocols' is needed- one that is more in alignment with the varying needs of

the individual walking a familiar path of awakening consciousness, and one that empowers the individual to become the

authority in their own life. 

Transpersonal microdosing is a practice of personal empowerment, yet, the advancement of humanity and

improvement of our collective home is and will remain the primary driver behind its creation.

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Steph-Anise Leader, the founder of Minds Eye Open Microdose and Transpersonal Microdose Model, believes

that when given the insight and expertise to heal oneself, transcend limitation and connect with higher consciousness;

we are all, without exception, able to heal our bodies, transform our lives and realise our highest potential.

Healing and evolution with the help of Psilocybin are not exclusively reliant on following rigid protocols or

attending expensive retreats. Sacred Mushrooms have been doing their thing with expanding human consciousness

for an exceptionally long time. Long before the current capitalist resurgence.


 Therefore, I aim to raise awareness of the infinite nature of these medicines by opening one's mind to the

limitless potential that already flows through us. To provide insight and resources for individuals to discover and walk their

unique path back to self and awakened consciousness. And to illuminate a new and empowered perspective on wellness and personal development as a whole.


Key Aims (Individual):



Transpersonal Microdosing aims to openly share techniques, methods, concepts and philosophies that will illuminate the individual's true capabilities of transformation in a nondiscriminatory manner so that all individuals from all walks of life and belief sustems can begin to experience liberation from suffering.



Transpersonal Microdosing aims to destigmatize and present alternative narratives regarding psychedelic-assisted wellness and personal development and to invite a new perception of health and wellness that encourages individuals to question the ethics and morality that drive existing medical paradigms.



Transpersonal Microdosing is a practice that encourages inclusivity over exclusivity, compromise over competition, cooperation over conflict, and harmony over disharmony.

It aims to inspire individuals to trust and love more fully and honour one's uniqueness while simultaneously connect more deeply as a collective. 

Collaboration & Unity

The purpose of Mind's Eye Open Microdose resource platform is to offer a vast collection of resources specifically for the advancement of consciousness, healing and personal development through the intermittent lifestyle model of Transpersonal Microdosing.

Individuals that are compelled to explore Transpersonal Microdosing and visit Minds Eye Open Microdose have unique and distinct needs, thoughts, preferences, perspectives, abilities and requirements and will experience awakening consciousness in a completely individual way, as with experiencing the effects of microdosing psilocybin.

Steph-Anise Leader is inspired by variety and highly motivated to collaborate with others with similar goals and desires in the psychedelic and metaphysical arenas. If you feel we are in alignment for possible future collaboration, drop a message and express your interest here.

Key Aims (Collective):



Transpersonal Microdosing aims to support the advancement of human potential and the discovery of new and beneficial understandings of the human condition so that we come together, unified, one mind, working together to heal each other.



Transpersonal Microdosing aims to contribute to the ever-evolving collective consciousness so that we as a species are more compelled to create and foster sustainable, compassionate and symbiotic relationships with each other, all other life and our home planet, Gaia.



Transpersonal Microdosing aims to be a part of the solution, not the cause, and make new and expansive realities a possibility in the minds of all as we move toward the genuine possibility of blending our human family with that of our galactic one.

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Each month, for one whole hour, Steph-Anise deep dives into 

specific areas of the Transpersonal Microdosing model, practices and concepts, so you can more easily apply these insights to your own practice development.

Gain more clarity and open your mind to the infinite potential within.