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Who Are We?

Mind's Eye Open Microdose offers individuals a vast collection of resources specifically for advancing consciousness, healing and personal development through the innovative wellness model of Transpersonal Microdosing.

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We are collectively experiencing  transformation of consciousness...



and awakening to greater truths about our reality, capabilities, and true nature, as with the potential of psilocybin to aid the varying needs of the individual when walking the path of awakening consciousness.


A new perspective toward how we approach wellness and personal development is long overdue, likewise a reform of existing microdosing psilocybin 'protocols' that offer alternatives to the current medical paradigm. 

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"We all have two paths to walk in this life, our own,
or the one that someone else chooses for us".

 At Mind's Eye Open Microdose we encourage you to explore your own path of awakening consciousness and offer you a means and a way to do this safely, mindfully and effectively.



Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms) has been proven to enhance human experience, deepen perception and awaken parts of the brain related to higher learning and the dissolution of egoic attachment that is the cause of our suffering.



Our spirit and mind work sinergistically with the universe, attracting to us realities that most closely match what we believe. By expanding our awareness and catalysing consciousness transformation, our reality will reflect this back to us in exraordinary ways.


Our Model

Transpersonal Microdosing is not a protocol, rather it is a psychedelic-assisted consciousness development practice that invites the individual to move beyond limitation and realise the expansive nature of one's true essence in this life.

Our Mission

Steph-Anise Leader, the founder of Minds Eye Open Microdose and Transpersonal Microdose Model, believes

that when given the insight and expertise to heal oneself, transcend limitations and connect with higher consciousness, we are all, without exception, able to heal our bodies, transform our lives and realise our highest potential.

Healing and evolution with the help of Psilocybin are not exclusively reliant on following rigid protocols or attending expensive retreats. Sacred Mushrooms have been doing their thing with expanding human consciousness for an exceptionally long time. Long before the current resurgence.



Therefore, I aim to raise awareness of the synergistic nature of these medicines by normalising the transcendent aspect of our existence while simultaneously sharing safe and mindful approaches to microdosing Psilocybin. I hope that psychedelic-assisted wellness and personal development will be an integrated part of our future in a way that maintains the sacredness of spiritual advancement with psychedelics and entheogens like it has for millennia. 


Our mission is to hold space for those on the awakening path and those yet to take the first steps. We aim to illuminate a new and empowered perspective on wellness and personal development by providing specially curated and powerful change work and transformation resources designed to be utilised alongside the natural effects of Psilocybin. 

We, as a company, aim to empower individuals to begin thinking for themselves beyond conditioning and discover their unique path back to wellness to shine the light of awareness on our collective need to heal profoundly and individually and to recognise psilocybin as a miraculous medicine that can potentially change the trajectory of all of humankind.

Transpersonal Microdosing is a practice of personal empowerment, yet, the advancement of humanity and improvement of our collective home is and will remain the primary driver behind its creation.

Key Aims


Mind's Eye Open Microdose aims to share techniques, methods, concepts and philosophies that will illuminate the individual's true capabilities of transformation in a nondiscriminatory manner so that all individuals from all walks of life and belief systems can begin to experience liberation from suffering.


Mind's Eye Open Microdose aims to support the advancement of human potential and the discovery of new and beneficial understandings of the human condition so that we can come together, unified, one mind, working together to heal each other.


Mind's Eye Open Microdose aims to present alternative perspectives regarding microdosing psilocybin and personal development and invite a new perception of health and wellness that encourages individuals to question the ethics and morality that drive existing medical narratives.


Minds Eye Open Micirodse aims to inspire individuals to trust and love more fully and honour one's uniqueness while simultaneously connecting more deeply as a collective through the spiritual development practice of Transpersonal Microdosing.

Collaboration & Unity

Individuals compelled to explore Transpersonal Microdosing and visit Minds Eye Open Microdose have unique and distinct needs, thoughts, preferences, perspectives, abilities and requirements. Therefore, they will experience awakening consciousness in a completely individual way, as with experiencing the effects of microdosing psilocybin.

Steph-Anise Leader is inspired by variety, and highly motivated to collaborate with others with similar goals and desires in the psychedelic and metaphysical arenas. If you feel we are in alignment for possible future collaboration, drop a message and express your interest here.