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How to Prepare & Discover Your Perfect Micorodose

Your comprehensive guide to preparing, connecting and discovering your unique microdose! 


This unique bundle is specially designed to help you find your perfect microdose dose to experience the benefits of microdosing.


With this exclusive package, there's no

need to second guess – dive into your

practice with confidence.


PDF Guide: Step-by-step instructions on getting the most from your dose experience, plus insider tips you should be aware of.

Your Dose Diary: You will receive both printable and PDF versions of your diary, and you choose which best suits your needs.

MP3: Included is your specially curated microdosing 10-minute guided meditation to support you in connecting with your medicine

"This guide really helped me to understand that this practice is something special and requires respect. I was able to establish a deep connection with the mushrooms. Highly recommend this product".

Sylvia, PT

Get the Exclusive Dosing Guide Bundle now and start building a deeper connection with your medicine.

Today €9.95 only!

Thanks for purchasing!

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