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I have been keenly interested in the human condition and the psychology of self my entire life. in essence learning what makes different personalities tick.

I am aware now that it was in response to my Asbergers nature and feeling the need to camouflage my true self to fit in. 

In addition to the formal trainings and credentials amassed, hundreds of book, videos, conferences and seminars, nothing has been so insightful than my own personal experience of self-healing.

What was once a survival mechanism is now my greatest asset and skill.


  • N.L.P  Dip 2003  British School of Yoga

  • C.B.T Dip 2008 Center of Excellence

  • Life Coaching 2013 Academy of Modern Applied Psychology

  • C.B.T Adv. 2013 Center of Excellence

  • Jhana Meditation 2017 Foundation of the Sacred Stream

  • QHHT Level 1 2017 QHHT Online 

  • Energy Meridian Tapping 2018 D.L Flarey PhD

  • QHHT Level 2 2018 QHHT Academy Hawaii

  • Group Hypnosis 2018 Karen E. Wells

  • Practical Metaphysics B.Msc. 2019 University of Sedona

  • Meditation Instructor 2019 Meditation Dynamics

  • Ministerial Ordination 2019 University of Metaphysics

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy 2019 Scottish Strategic Life Academy

  • Advanced Past Life Hypnotherapy 2019 Karen E. Wells

  • Beyond Quantum Healing 2020 Quantum Healers

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My main objective is to serve humanity for the greater good. 

I honour all peoples and all paths as sacred and I only see lessons from which we are supposed to learn from in this life. I embrace the following principles in my life and my healing practice: respect, trust, honesty, integrity, equality, competence, humility, and confidentiality.  

Commitment to client

  • I am committed to assisting the client in reclaiming wholeness at any or all levels of being, such as body, emotions, mind, relationships (with other people and the environment), and spirit.

  • I do not judge or degrade, I have high regard for others' beliefs, ethics, and morality and hope for the same in return. 

  • I endeavor to respect the dignity, autonomy, and sensitivity of fellow beings.  

  • I view all of existence as sacred and interconnected and provide services with revere for all. Healing relationships occur within all of existence and may include people, animals, plants, and the environment, locally, globally, and cosmically.

  • I render care to all, regardless of race, sex, cultural, national or ethnic origins, or political persuasions. 

  • I respect the beliefs, values, customs, choices, and coping mechanisms of the individual.


Professional & Personal Development

  • I pursue opportunities for continuing my professional education and training to maintain and enhance my competence. 

  • I recognize that my presence and way of being are as important to the healing process as the modality that I practice, so it is important that I engage in ongoing personal development.

  • I consciously cultivate awareness and understanding about the deeper meaning, purpose, inner strengths, and connections with self, and Higher Consciousness/Source.

  • I identify and integrate self-care strategies to enhance my own physical, psychological, sociological, and spiritual well-being.


Laws & Regulations

Psilocybin and other psychedelics drugs are currently illegal in most countries around the world. Navigating the ever-changing regulatory landscape can be a challenge.


Despite psychedelic substances being prohibited for decades, the tide is beginning to change. We understand that people are exploring more and more on their own and unsupervised. Minds Eye Open does not endorse the illegal use, sale, or purchase of psychedelic substances and is strictly an educational and harm reduction platform encouraging the safe and responsible use of Psilocybin.