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Steph-Anise knows that we can all transform our personal stories and live a life of unlimited joy and potential even if you're not fully aware of what this means for you.


Steph-Anise Leader _ Minds Eye Open

About Me.

I am a Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist practising out of my home base in rural Portugal and mostly virtually for the last few years. 

Within my practice, I include and intuitively draw upon a variety of disciplines and hold qualifications in the fields of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Life Coaching and many other mindfulness, meditation, and holistic healing modalities. I earned my Masters's Degree in metaphysics in 2919 and am currently working towards earning my Doctorate.

I Incorporated my own microdosing techniques into my hypnosis practice and was amazed at the results my clients experienced and continue to experience long after our sessions. This inspired me to expand my awareness of using this combined modality.

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I concentrate my energy on sharing new and mind-expanding content and ensuring that my own mind and body stay strong, fit and healthy to keep reaching my potential.

I am looking forward to revealing all of the exciting developments in the coming months.


Steph-Anise has had an eclectic career path prior to finding her feet later on in life.

Experience and insight from varying roles in different sectors helped Steph-Anise garner a wealth of valuable skills. Ranging from public servant to project manager. 

In her twenties, she went from casual chef positions to kitchen manager and then following a short spell as general manager ended up manning the helm of her own kitchen as co-founder of vegan eco cafe 'Roots' in the UK.

Following this, Steph-Anise headed to South East Asia, where she cofounded, developed and operated 'Pachamama Cambodia', a wellness and retreat centre on the backpack trail.

It was while in Cambodia she had a calling to realign, heal, and reassess her values, so it was no surprise to all that knows her that she returned to Hypnotherapy. Her love affair with the psyche and the human condition has been ongoing and started with her first official accreditation as an NLP practitioner over 2o years ago.


Since then she has rather selfishly pursued personal mastery and continued training, exploring, and study of the esoteric, metaphysical, psychological, behavioural, and sacred arts, for her own development and understanding.

Her journey with plant medicine and psychedelics is a long and colourful one stretching back 30 years. However, it's for the last fifteen years that she would consider herself 'working with' the medicine.

Today she is the proud founder of the new start-up Minds Eye Open Microdose which is a platform that hosts specially designed guided resources for microdosing. 

Steph-Anise continues to share her medicine and develop her new method of microdosing 'Transpersonal Microdosing'  where she hopes to open the minds of many to the infinite potential of this practice.


She is soul led in her mission and is loving every day learning what the universe has in store.

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Who are we?

Get to know us and the mission that drives us forward.

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"Steph-Anise is an unbelievable human. Exceptional talent for seeing into the depths of your soul and being its guide. 

I can not recommend her enough."


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A new and holistic approach to your microdose practice

This practice looks set to change the microdose narrative

Minds Eye Open Microdose

Plot Twist

You'll be able to get to know 'me'  through my upcoming video content where you'll discover my personal story of triumph over lifelong mental and emotional struggles and how this experience in life led to the creation of the brand-new and holistic wellness and self-development practice Transpersonal Microdosing.

However, here I want to focus on the Plot Twist.

I experienced a total life turnaround, a complete plot twist, fairly late in life. The joy I now feel every day, is unexplainable to someone who is still in the hold of a conditioned mind.

I have healed, I am free, and I realise my most expansive and authentic self through everything that I do and every interaction I have. 

I want to share what I have learned with you because it's never too late to experience your own 'Plot Twist'.

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I Love What I Do

I love not knowing how it's going to pan out. I love moving through life and everything I need just appears. I love feeling connected to all people and all of life. I love being aware of the process and treasuring it as my life's most substantial accomplishment.

Morals & Ethics

My main objective is to serve humanity for the greater good. 

I honour all peoples and all paths as sacred, and I only see lessons from which we are supposed to learn from in this life. I embrace the following principles in my life and my healing practice: respect, trust, honesty, integrity, equality, competence, humility, and authenticity.  

Commitment to client

  • I am committed to assisting the client in reclaiming wholeness at any or all levels of being, such as body, emotions, mind, relationships (with other people and the environment), and spirit.

  • I do not judge or degrade, I have high regard for others' beliefs, ethics, and morality and hope for the same in return. 

  • I endeavor to respect the dignity, autonomy, and sensitivity of fellow beings.  

  • I view all of existence as sacred and interconnected and provide services with revere for all. Healing relationships occur within all of existence and may include people, animals, plants, and the environment, locally, globally, and cosmically.

  • I render care to all, regardless of race, sex, cultural, national or ethnic origins, or political persuasions. 

  • I respect the beliefs, values, customs, choices, and coping mechanisms of the individual.


Professional & Personal Development

  • I pursue opportunities for continuing my professional education and training to maintain and enhance my competence. 

  • I recognize that my presence and way of being are as important to the healing process as the modality that I practice, so it is important that I engage in ongoing personal development.

  • I consciously cultivate awareness and understanding about the deeper meaning, purpose, inner strengths, and connections with self, and Higher Consciousness/Source.

  • I identify and integrate self-care strategies to enhance my own physical, psychological, sociological, and spiritual well-being.


Laws & Regulations

Psilocybin and other psychedelics drugs are currently illegal in most countries around the world. Navigating the ever-changing regulatory landscape can be a challenge.


Despite psychedelic substances being prohibited for decades, the tide is beginning to change. We understand that people are exploring more and more on their own and unsupervised. Minds Eye Open does not endorse the illegal use, sale, or purchase of psychedelic substances and is strictly an educational and harm reduction platform encouraging the safe and responsible use of Psilocybin.


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