Healed people, heal people.

Everything that I do, needs to be in alignment with my heart. In this way I keep growing as an individual.

This is what I know and live by.

Steph-Anise Leader _ Micro-dose Psychedelic Mushrooms _ Mind's Eye Open

We live in an age bound by our own mental limitations, while simultaneously taking giant strides in our collective understanding of how we (humans) function. Given the tools, we are ALL able to, re-write limiting beliefs and stop recreating the same outcomes, access reliable inner guidance systems, heal our body and minds, and create unlimited abundance in our lives. 


We live in an age of awakening consciousness, so profound that it may well shift the way we exist on this planet,

our home, as we build our future today. 

By opening your mind to new possibilities you have already begun to transform your life.

"Steph-Anise is an unbelievable human. Exceptional talent for seeing into the depths of your soul and being its guide. 

I can not recommend her enough."


Steph-Anise Leader author of Mushroom-Mind-Magic


Steph-Anise holds a Bachelor's degree in Metaphysics and is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner with over 20 years of experience working with Psilocybin Mushrooms. Her training includes Clinical and Soul Regression Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Bahavioural Therapy, and Energy-work Modalities. As an entrepreneur, therapist, and thought leader, her interest lies in empowering individuals to begin utilizing dormant innate abilities to heal, reclaim their lives, and create a better future. Because working on yourself is the biggest contribution you can give back to our world.


A perfect storm is an unusual combination of events or things that produce an unusually bad or powerful result.

The critical element of this metaphor here is that of a synergy of forces leading to a release of energy

much more significant than any of its individual contributors would ever generate.

This is how I would describe my life path to this point.

Plagued with social issues, emotional dysfunction, depression, anxiety, abandonment, failed businesses, and deep lifelong loneliness and desire to belong. How many self-help books can one person read before they resign to the fact that they themselves are broken?

I had hit rock bottom (again) and I wanted to get off.

Until one day, a spontaneous DMT ceremony changed my life forever.

At age 38 I had awoken from the dream (nightmare) and could see clearly through the veil. However, waking up to my truth didn't mean it was all rainbows and roses. No, my most challenging times were yet to come. Nevertheless, I felt so strongly a desire to begin healing all my hurts and imbalance that my only option was to run headlong toward the unknown. If I had an opportunity to experience life anew, I was going to jump at it.

And, so my journey back to self began.


I explored the potential of combining microdosing psilocybin, self-hypnosis techniques, and mindfulness practices. Two steps forward, three steps back. Until, I had not only healed my past but had developed the skills needed to continue evolving as a fully conscious, balanced, happy, and healthy individual. Able to create a life so abundant and precious that previously my old mind was unable to perceive.

This is why I share with you in my book Mushroom Mind Magic and on this site, what has worked so well for me. Transpersonal Microdosing is a psychedelic-assisted wellness and personal development practice that will transform the way you live your life.


My hope is that if my words resonate with you, on some level, you will begin to explore your journey back to self,

and experience for yourself what your very best life actually feels like.

I remain eternally grateful for the opportunity to experience my darkness for it has taught me so much in this life.